Investment Management

With thousands of investment options how do you make the leap from just saving to investing?

Firstly, we need to find out what type of investor you are. We look at your circumstances then take into account your attitude to investing. We endeavour to understand the stage you’re at in your life cycle (carefree and single, or retired, or anything in between) versus whether you have an aggressive or conservative tolerance to risk. Once these are known, then we can begin to recommend investments that are in your best interests and nobody else’s.

At Grand Ridge Financial we believe Investment is not about luck. Investing should be a long term strategy but you certainly shouldn’t set and forget it. Successful investors develop a plan, manage the process and monitor their choices. At Grand Ridge Financial we provide guidance with all of these steps. We see our role as one of collaboration. We equip you with sound market intelligence and prudent financial advice so you can make decisions that match your investment profile and goals.