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Retirement Planning

Have you thought about how you will support yourself when you stop working? Do you plan to retire before you’re eligible for the Age Pension? How much money will you need to live on? Will you still have debt you need to manage after you stop earning your regular income? Do you want to go on a big holiday when you retire? Do you think it’s too early to start planning for your retirement?

Questions about retirement are questions about your future. For you that ‘future’ could be next year, or 20 years away, and the retirement itself could last 30 years or more. Retiring doesn’t have to mean a drop in income. Grand Ridge Financial can help you make decisions about your assets and income sources and assist you to meet your retirement goals.

The earlier you start retirement planning the more opportunities you will have to accumulate wealth along the way. That way your retirement can be a pleasure rather than a hardship. Everyone’s retirement scenario is different and that’s why a face-to-face conversion with one of our Financial Advisers is the best place to start talking about retirement planning. It’s never too early, but don’t leave it too late.


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