Old fashioned savings will always be in vogue. At Grand Ridge Financial we can help you decide where best to put some cash away for that rainy day, or perhaps even that sunny day ……on a yacht ……in the Mediterranean. Saving for a specific goal is particularly motivating. Many people save for a car, a holiday, a wedding, a house deposit or their children’s education. Saving for retirement is also something everyone needs to think about at some stage in their working life.

Short term savings

A realistic, achievable short term savings goal is an important aspect of getting you in the savings habit. For example, reducing spending on non-essential items and of course drastically restricting the use of your credit card can be an easy way to free up cash for saving. Setting up a direct debit is also a fuss free way to make you save. Once it’s set up, the withdrawals and deposits happen automatically and you don’t miss what you don’t see. Grand Ridge Financial can look at which savings accounts suit your goals, your timeframe and your circumstances.

Long term savings

Getting into the regular habit of putting money aside makes saving for the long term just part of your financial life, rather than a temporary measure. Savings accounts are an obvious choice, but long term savings also come in the form of investments and retirement planning. At Grand Ridge Financial we can explore these options with you to provide a saving solution that is right for you.